When planning a trip, dispatch is one of the most critical areas. You need the support of a reliable partner. One who can provide accurate ETE and fuel burn calculations, and will take into consideration any restrictions, adverse weather, or other factors affecting your route. Utilizing our state-of-the-art technology, Jetex licensed dispatchers will ensure the most efficient flight path, every time.

Real-Time Flight Tracking

Airport congestion, last-minute diversions, unfavorable weather conditions. All can result in changing schedules, affecting your clearance to fly. When it comes to Air Traffic Control (ATC) coordination, you need an expert partner looking after your interests to ensure the best possible outcome.

Utilizing state-of-the-art techniques, Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) tools and over a decade of experience, the Jetex team monitors airspace and ATC initiatives to secure on-time departure. Hourly communication with the FAA Command Center for real-time updates and tactical route selection help to mitigate any delays.

Early detection of ATC initiatives offers more choices, helping you to complete every mission on time. We will keep you fully informed on any developments, and handle all communications with ATC to ensure you do not face any unnecessary delays on the runway.

Weather Briefings

Constantly fluctuating weather conditions are one of the most crucial and unpredictable aspects of flight planning. We recognize the importance of keeping you updated on any unexpected changes.

Through the use of the latest innovative technology, we are able to provide accurate, up-to-the-minute weather information, ensuring a smooth and safe flight for you and your crew.

En Route NOTAMs

Most Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs) affect business aviation in some way. It is crucial that pilots obtain and review the latest NOTAMs prior to departure. Sometimes, important NOTAMs may be issued while you are in-flight. These could include notices indicating a lack of parking availability at your airport of arrival, or temporary closures for general aviation.

We will ensure that all pertinent NOTAMs are passed on as soon as these are issued. Helping to avoid any surprises when you reach your destination.

In-House Trip Planning

Operational efficiency and maintaining a minimal fuel burn are high priorities for most operators. It is important to ensure that your route is fully optimized.

Using real-time meteorological data, our computerized flight planning system is able to provide the most efficient and cost effective route for your trip.

Aircraft Load and Trim Sheet

Take off reference speeds, slat / flap positions, pitch trim, stabilizer settings. All are determined according to the details found on the Aircraft Load and Trim Sheet. Your aircraft must be loaded in such a way that the specified maximum allowable weight is not exceeded. The center of gravity needs to be within the permitted flight envelope, and remain so for the entirety of your mission.

It is crucial that your crew is made aware of these details, so they can adjust all aircraft settings appropriately. Jetex provides you with graphical and text load manifests, based on aircraft weight and balance figures, pax count and gender, cargo and planned fuel on board, and distribution as per flight plan. Ensuring everything is taken into account for a smooth, and above all safe, flight.

Runway Analysis

Runway analysis calculations are essential for any pilot who cares about safety, payload and regulatory compliance. Jetex will provide full runway analysis for all airports you intend to land at throughout your trip.

Maximum take off and landing weight will be carefully analyzed and derived based on runway configuration, obstacles and terrain. Our team will handle all necessary preparations, leaving you free to concentrate on the journey ahead.

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