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Please find below answers to some of the common questions we receive. In case of any other queries, feel free to contact us at fueldispatch@jetex.com at any time. Our team will be happy to assist you.

Q. Are there any charges involved when opening an account with Jetex?

A. There are absolutely no charges to open an account with Jetex. Simply contact us on ncr@jetex.com and a member of our team will assist you.

Q. Do we need to supply a cash deposit or bank guarantee to open an account with Jetex?

A. This generally depends on the nature and scale of transactions, as well as credit approval. Provided credit has been approved, there is usually no need for either.

Q. Are you able to arrange VAT exemption?

A. VAT application or exemption varies from one country to another, and generally depends on the nature of the flight, next destination and provision of documented evidence to verify the stated nature of the flight. Jetex encourages operators to take a quick, online VAT assessment by sending an email to: vat@jetex.com

Q. Now that VAT exemption has been introduced for uplifts in Europe, will this change the invoicing applied for those 19 countries?

A. There is no significant change in invoicing, except that invoices belonging to countries where Jetex is legally registered for VAT exemption will be marked as “JFSL” and include the relevant VAT numbers.

Q. We have been offered 7 days credit for fuel services, but our accounts team settles invoices at the end of each month. Is this going to be a problem?

A. Our standard terms are 7 days, however exceptions can be made. Please contact our team, we will review your individual situation and revert to you with the best solution.

Q. Can you supply services throughout the CIS countries?

A. Jetex maintains a regional operations center in Kiev, Ukraine and is represented by a knowledgeable and efficient team, who are well-versed with the local culture. Complete trip support services are provided with a high degree of local coordination.

Q. Do we get a fuel release? How does it work with the into-plane agent?

A. A fuel release/confirmation is issued for every flight leg, except when blanket coverage is requested for multiple uplifts over a period. For multiple uplifts at the same airport, only one confirmation is necessary to cover the entire series of flights.

Q. Are the prices we receive all-in prices?

A. Some airports may charge conditional fees such as no uplift fee, overtime fee, overwing fee, etc. These cannot be predetermined, so therefore are not included. Taxes are listed separately in our quotations.

Q. What are the credit terms?

A. Credit terms are generally determined within 48 hours of receiving the completed application form.

Q. Which credit card details do we need to fill up in registration form?

A. Any active company credit card should suffice. The card will not be charged.

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