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Jetex has a stringent policy of regularly auditing its fuel providers, in order to maintain the quality of fuel its customers uplift. Fuel quality is, and will always be, one of the core aspects of being a fuel provider. Quality can only be optimal if the facilities and equipment used are in perfect condition. This can be achieved through regular inspections, to ensure all procedures are carried out completely in compliance.

One of the biggest challenges faced in the industry is fuel contamination. Although this can be managed with effective filtration, fuel may occasionally end up adulterated. Fuel quality is carefully monitored by the concerned authorities, with regular inspections carried out for all fuel farm facilities, into-plane equipment and other equipment used in pumping fuel.

Using the resources of our experienced quality control department, Jetex has created a very effective audit procedure which ensures that our fuel providers are always in compliance. Inspections take place on a regular basis to ensure the fuel supplied will always be safe, and that our clients get exactly what they have paid for.

Fuel Insurance

Whilst we do our utmost to choose our suppliers with care, exposure to some degree of risk is inevitable. Remote destinations can occasionally pose a threat of contaminated fuel. It is vital that your supplier is insured, to avoid any issues during uplifts.

Jetex works only with fully insured suppliers. Our own insurance is also extended to clients as third party coverage, giving you total peace of mind. 

Our product liability insurance covers our fuel in countries worldwide. We currently have a coverage limit of USD 500 million, and have had zero incidents to date.

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