Our ground handling services are available in airports all over the world. We can arrange for the settlement of your airport fees, so you don't have to think about the small details and can focus on the big picture. We have a reliable global network of ground handling companies. Whether it is aircraft cleaning, towing or a conveyor belt you need, Jetex can provide trip support services at the FBO of your choice. Contact Jetex today for a customized solution.

We can also arrange special catering by five-star restaurants. Based on your food requirements we can order from your preferred restaurant, or find one which matches your tastes. Whether you have certain dietary restrictions, or are simply in the mood for something special, we will do our utmost to provide you with the food of your choice. Jetex will deliver food to your aircraft in time for your flight, so you can enjoy fresh, delicious meals on board your plane.


Jetex Global Network

Jetex continues to work on streamlining all ground-related operations on a global scale. We strive to provide clients the best ground handling services available, tailored to their specific needs. Our global network consists of full-sized FBOs with their own aprons and Ground Service Equipment (GSE), Facility Stations where clients can enjoy our high-quality passenger lounges, and on-ground Supervisors who make sure every service is rendered to the highest standards.

We know how important ground handling services are to our clients, and have made it our goal to ensure that whenever a non-Jetex service is rendered (i.e. through an agent), everything is documented in a formal agreement. All important documents will be secured first, including a license to operate at the airport, a valid copy of the ground handling company's  insurance policy, and staff training records. We conduct remote audits on our vendors at least twice a year, and station visits locally to ensure compliance, quality and consistency at all times.

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