Worldwide Operations Center

    • Logistics support in civil and military airports
    • Fuel support operations at civil and military airports
    • Trip planning and consultation
    • Overflight and landing permits
    • Ground handling services coordination
    • Support of NATO members flight operations
    • Fuel management at NATO operational air bases
    • Ground transport
    • Hotel reservations
    • Catering
    • Security
    • Flight briefing and NOTAMs
    • Charts
    • En route weather updates
    • Flight level wind
    • Datalink services (powered by Honeywell)
    • Datalink graphical weather (powered by Honeywell)

    Jetex offers the following benefits:

    • 24/7 worldwide operations and control center
    • Proven expertise serving military and governmental flight operations
    • Full flight planning and briefing package
    • Online quotes and ordering system, offering real-time prices (including breakdown of taxes and fees)
    • Detailed, error-free billing with quick invoice turnaround

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    Governmental Missions Support

    Major militaries depend on us to serve their missions with confidentiality and zeal, providing timely supplies whatever the nature of the mission may be. 

    Jetex is passionate about serving the military and government aviation sectors, and routinely facilitates flights in war-torn and disaster-affected countries. Our work is focused on delivering consistent and reliable service on a global scale. We guarantee full discretion at all times.

    Our strong focus in delivering value to militaries worldwide is underscored by our industry affiliations. Jetex is a founding member of MEBAA, a strategic member of IATA, NBAA, EBACE and a frequent contributor and sponsor of the industry’s outreach programs.

    Humanitarian Relief

    Jetex coordinates ad hoc and large-scale humanitarian relief flight operations for the United Nations, governments, international NGOs and other aid providers. We provide timely and dedicated support to critical flights, whatever the nature of the mission. Often, the majority of lives are saved in the immediate hours and days following a disaster. We pride ourselves on our ability to react rapidly to emergency situations, including setting up time-critical flights outside of normal working hours. Additionally, our unrivaled global coverage allows us to assist aid providers in responding to crises anywhere in the world.

    Some of our previous missions have included:

    • Evacuating NGO personnel and civilians from war zones
    • Providing executive charter services for officials conducting diplomatic tours
    • Flying search and rescue teams into disaster-stricken areas
    • Environmental Disasters

    Timely response to major environmental disasters is essential. Jetex is the chosen partner of a number of organizations who work to contain the effects of oil spills and other incidents, and help to control the risk these pose to marine life and coastlines. Our strategic hubs in the USA, Europe, the Middle East and Singapore are located where many of these response groups are headquartered. This allows us to provide them with an essential round-the-clock service, and immediate access to cargo and passenger aircraft worldwide. We can assist disaster response teams to operate internationally with minimal response time, helping to reduce the impact of such incidents at the earliest possible opportunity.

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