I have used Jetex services for 4 years now and one word springs to mind – excellence! Since the beginning, Jetex  has arranged everything from permits, fuel and handling to hotels and anything else needed to make my trip a flawless one. Jetex is a professional and committed company. I know I can count on them, as they have helped me not once, but many times!


Suranjan De Silva
Al Jaber

Heather and her team's interaction with Airlift and their quick reaction to Airlift's unique needs are always above reproach.  Our relationship with Jetex has been strong for some time, but there is a heightened sense of synergy and collaboration developing.
I look forward to the future and continuing the trek forward with Jetex.


Jayson Scott Wilson
Vice President of Operations
Director of Flight Operations
AAR Airlift

Jetex was recommended to us several years ago by other operators. They have provided us with a range of services, and their ability to get things done on short notice has been exceptional. We enjoy working with Jetex because they know our line of business.



Life as a corporate pilot involves constant challenges between customer service, weather and safety. Whenever I work with the team at Jetex, these challenges becomes a whole lot easier; always quick, always accurate, I sincerely value our working relationship.


Captain Bart Gault

Jetex Flight Support has provided Airbus with truly amazing service over the past several years, and we treat them as a valuable extension of our own flight operations team. They are the type of company that we depend upon to help us run our operations because of their professional and reliable staff. Jetex helps us with our ground set up, permits and fuel. On many occasions they have gone above and beyond to make sure every detail of our flight operation has been taken care of. 

Jetex always seems to be able to sort out any issue and to do things for us that other companies just can't, like get us urgent permits, or make last minute arrangements in the remotest of locations. We like working with their team because of the personal service we receive from them, but also because they truly have a global reach and strong relationships in each of the countries where we fly.


Thierry Ranson
Manager of Flight Operations Support
Airbus Transport

We have worked with Jetex for many years and they have proven to be a very reliable support company with a very professional and friendly staff. Jetex provide us with a wide range of services and their team has always shown a full dedication to fulfilling our needs and requirements.

Their worldwide presence is a major asset for our business, allowing us to receive professional support for our flights in almost every country worldwide. Their newly opened FBO in Paris Le Bourget has been selected as our preferred supplier, after the quality of their facilities and service received has proven to meet our expectations.


Tag Aviation

We kept our Rotterdam and Houston fleets very busy during the last month, flying nearly twice our normal rate. The hours for the four aircraft represent a substantial achievement for us, particularly since many of the flights were long range.

I want to acknowledge the excellent support we receive from Jetex that makes such an achievement possible. Appreciation and thanks to the team in Dubai for their part in our success. Without their support, we wouldn’t have been able to meet the unusually high demand we experienced.


Stan Medved
Shell Aircraft International

For the last 2 years, Jetex have provided me with smooth, painless service on a regular basis and I like that I don’t have to chase them for anything. Jetex has provided me with trip support and fueling arrangements, and have never let us down when we have short notice flights. Jetex understand their client's needs, and that is why they have never disappointed us.


Mateusz Owczarek

We have worked with Jetex Flight Support for several years now, and they have consistently provided Gama with excellent services and support. Jetex has a substantial and dedicated team of professionals who are consummate in taking care of every detail of the requests we make.

At Gama, we pride ourselves on doing as much as we possibly can in-house to deliver maximum cost efficiency, but in some areas of the world we need additional support. Jetex have the flexibility to do what we ask of them, which ultimately saves us time and money, and ensures greater quality. Jetex is a strong partner for us, because they have the global reach to be able to take care of every detail, even on short notice.


Dave Edwards
General Manager
Gama Group

We have been cooperating with Jetex for three years, and from the very beginning the company has been very impressive. They always respond swiftly to requests and queries. It is very important for us, because urgent flights are common in the field of business aviation. Jetex have always managed to help us out when time is tight, ensuring everything goes smoothly, even with the most urgent flights or remotest of locations.


Dmitry Sorokin
Jet Center

Our cooperation with Jetex is simply excellent. They are flexible and able to adapt to our needs in short time. We have been working with Jetex for 5 years now, and it’s great because in this field we need to work with professionals. We call on Jetex for overflight / landing permits worldwide, and support for random locations around the world. Jetex has really solved our problems, especially in 2 cases, one in Kiev and one in Africa! Jetex will never let you down, as they understand the requirements and responsibilities towards clients.


Primos Arko

I would rate Jetex 10/10 on excellence, professionalism and friendliness. They are just great and we maintain a great relationship with them always. Jetex has helped us out on countless occasions, especially when we’re in a hurry! It has been 5 years so far, and this proactive team always works when we feel snowed under.


Randal Molina

Jetex’s dedicated, professional and friendly staff provide an efficient support in challenging situations with tight deadlines. Jetex’s worldwide network and its active presence in most of the countries we are operating to is a pillar on which we can build any ad hoc charter flight.


Yves Mabbe
AvSec & Aeropolitical Affairs Manager
TNT Express

Professionalism has been one of the greatest characteristics Jetex has shown during our cooperation so far. This professionalism, as well as the efficiency of their services, is why I know I can always count on Jetex.


Carlo Paganelli
CAI Alitalia Airways

When Jetex says “we will do our best", I know Jetex does its best. They never promise what they cannot do! For 6 years, we have been working with Jetex for obtaining permits and flight supervision. They have taken care of so many last minute requests. Jetex is very reliable, and understands our specificities.


Patrick Brunet
Global Jet

After 5 years of working with Jetex, I can confidently say they are efficient, supportive and positive. They have always solved my problems quickly and in a professional manner. Whatʼs great about Jetex is that they understand my needs. Whatever the request may be, I know they will do what they can to make it happen.


Karine Delibes

Jetexʼs reliability is the reason we have chosen to use their services, they have always been supportive and we have never been let down. They are very professional, helpful, and I highly recommend them!


Victor Lopes
Perfect Aviation

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