Permits, Slots and PPR

A Dependable Source

Air traffic is increasing year on year, leading to crowded airports and equally busy aircraft grounds. With this level of demand, it is important to have the support of a dependable industry partner.

Our global network and contacts ensure the most suitable slot is reserved on time, every time.

PPR (Prior Permission Required) is also handled by our team. We guarantee that you will never fly in without PPR where this is required.

Jetex is highly committed to making sure your trip goes smoothly. Our team will apply for and obtain all permits required for your flight.

Short Notice

Jetex is your trusted partner for all last-minute operations. We have the expertise and connections necessary to deliver our full range of services, with minimal prior notice. Our staff is on standby across the globe, ready to assist you for even the most challenging of trips.

Keeping on Top of Global Regulations

Global regulations are frequently changing. It can be challenging to keep track of the complex rules governing business aviation. Even small, unintentional transgressions can have significant consequences, including delays, financial losses and trouble with the authorities.

Jetex stays fully up to date with the ever-evolving requirements, so you don’t have to worry about missing any essential paperwork.

We will look after all the details, leaving you free to concentrate on what matters; the purpose of your journey.

Difficult Locations

Understanding the full scope of permits and permissions required becomes more challenging when flying to new or difficult to reach locations. Thanks to our extensive experience as a flight support provider, Jetex can resolve even the most complex of permit and trip planning issues.


Full Trip Support

Full Trip Support

We provide a full range of trip support services, including:

  • Runway Analysis
  • Graphical Weather Charts
  • ATC Filing
  • Computerized Flight Plans
  • Weather and NOTAMS
  • Approach Plates
  • Trip Kit
  • Route Validation

24/7 Worldwide support

Jetex has established state-of-the-art operations centers in Dubai, Miami and Beijing. All are fully staffed around the clock, and ready to cater to your needs in any area of the globe. 

Over the past decade, Jetex has developed strong working relationships with vendors across every region. Our combination of worldwide presence and local expertise ensures smooth and efficient operations, wherever you may be traveling.

Unchallenged Global Network

Relationships are often the defining factor in the speed and efficiency of delivering effective solutions. Our global network encompasses strategic partnerships which allow us access to difficult to secure permissions, permits, and operational support.

Jetex is always ready. We will support you at a moment’s notice, for even the most challenging of trips.

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