By: Ewan Cameron

Operating Considerations for Larger Aircraft

Operating larger aircraft for GA purposes presents some specific planning and logistical challenges. Here we will take a look at the main considerations for GA operations involving wide-body and large aircraft.

09,Apr 2017 AVIATION

  By: Ewan Cameron

Russian Grand Prix 2017

Formula One returns to the Sochi Autodrom this April, as the Russian Grand Prix rolls into town.

03,Apr 2017 AVIATION

  By: Ewan Cameron

Operating in Mexico: Jetex FBO in Toluca

As part of our global coverage, Jetex has established a strong presence throughout Latin America. Our FBO in Toluca, Mexico is your gateway to popular destinations in Latin America. Read on to learn more.

28,Mar 2017 AVIATION

  By: Jetex Operational Information

Jetex Operational Insights: April 2017

Check out the latest operational updates from across our global network.

02,Apr 2017 AVIATION

  By: Ewan Cameron

Flying to Seoul

Situated on the banks of the Han River and surrounded by mountains, Seoul is the most densely populated metropolis in South Korea. The city maintains a beautiful balance between ancient traditions and hi-tech innovation, and boasts a thriving cultural and entertainment scene.

23,Mar 2017 TRAVEL

  By: Ewan Cameron

Flying Safe in an Unsafe Situation

For destinations experiencing unrest or war, calculating risk levels and obtaining the necessary insurance can prove challenging. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most important considerations for a safe and secure trip.

30,Mar 2017 TRAVEL

  By: Ewan Cameron

Choosing the Perfect Hotel for Your next Business Trip

One of the keys to a successful business trip is securing appropriate accommodation. Here we will look at the top five considerations when it comes to selecting your hotel.

20,Mar 2017 TRAVEL

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